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Wood Stove, Wood Inserts & Gas Stove Installation

Here in New Mexico, we’re no strangers to frigid winters. If you’re looking to stay warm and snug this winter, consider installing a new stove in your home. The People’s Chimney Service can preform wood stove, wood insert and gas stove installation projects. We provide affordable installations and we never oversell. Our values of honesty and integrity can be seen in everything that we do, including our stove installations.

Give us a call for your installation service needs in Taos, NM or surrounding areas.

Repair Services

Whether it’s obvious your chimney is damaged or you have a hunch there’s something wrong, you can rely on The People’s Chimney Service to get to the bottom of the problem. We provide professional chimney repair services in Taos, NM and surrounding areas. Our team can diagnose and repair just about any chimney issue, including blockages, damaged masonry and rusted dampers.

Don’t wait around for chimney problems to fix themselves. Reach out to schedule reliable and affordable chimney repair services.
  • Old or damaged chimneys in need of relining
  • Damaged or incorrectly installed stove pipe
  • Missing cap replacement
  • Broken dampers
  • Lock top damper installation
  • Firebox damage

We’ll be glad to arrange for an on-site consultation to get a better understanding of your needs.

Cap Your Chimney to Keep Critters & Weather Out Now!

Furry and winged critters often find refuge in the cool silo of your chimney flue! That’s right…up to 50% of uncapped chimneys we clean in the off-season have evidence of animals — some making elaborate nests for them-selves and their families. This happens most in uncapped chimneys, and sometimes in chimneys with caps but no spark arrestors.

When animals burrow into your chimney, it endangers them as well as you. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats and other animals can bring fleas and ticks, as well as rabies, worms and other diseases. And if your damper or fireplace doors are open, they can get into your home.

If you do encounter evidence of animals in your chimney, stay away and call animal control if you suspect they are live.

Weather also enters your uncapped chimney, shortening the life of your flue tiles or stove pipe. Call and talk to us about capping your chimney today.